About me

Hi, my name is Jérôme Chiarandini. Born in the 70's, I got into music very early in my life, listening to all kinds of stuff. However, it got more serious when a schoolmate's big brother lent me his Iron Maiden albums. Since then I'm a metal addict. In the early years I listened to Bands like Iron Maiden, WASP, Mötley Crüe, early Metallica and so on. I bought quite a lot of albums in the following years and after a while I had a nice collection.

A few years later, a friend of mine, who had his own radio show on a small local radio station, asked me if I would be interested in having my own show. I thought that playing some metal tunes and thrash talking for an hour or two would be a nice idea, so I agreed.

I stayed three years and then I moved to another radio station which was bigger, better and way more professional. Once at Radio LRB, things went crazy ;). I got my show which had quite a lot of success for a metal show, since it was probably the only metal show in Luxembourg back then.
In 2001, Merti, a LRB colleague, who also was part of his school's TV making project, had the stupid idea to ask Machine Head for an interview at their upcoming Luxembourg show. Since their interviewer had some bad English skills, Merti asked me to join and assist them in the interview since my English was a bit better (lool) and that I knew the band pretty well. I joined them and took my new digital SLR with me (Canon Eos D30) because I thought; maybe i can grab a picture or two at the end of the interview. At the end of the interview, the PR dude of Roadrunner Records told me that I also could take some pictures of the show. I never shot a show before since we rarely had any kind of shows in Luxembourg at the time. Most of the time I've shot car races. So the show went on and at the end I had my pictures, of course most of them were not that good but I got a lucky shot:

Machine Head @ Luxembourg
That pic was used by Roadrunner on their sites for years and still is.

That Machine Head show was the beginning of the end; I've shot nearly 2000 shows since then, in a lot of countries in Europe and North America.
I had the chance to attend some great memorable shows, made a lot of friends in the industry, contributed to album booklets, websites, magazines, catalogues etc

Ok folks; now have fun visiting the site :)